Yellow Diamonds

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Are you looking for a rare and unique engagement ring or piece of diamond jewelry? Yellow diamonds can add a pop of sunshine to any jewelry design.


What causes a diamond to be yellow?

While colorless diamonds are the most widely known and recognized, diamonds have actually been discovered in almost every color. Diamonds derive their color from the chemical makeup of surrounding soil and rocks. Colorless diamonds are made up of carbon atoms but a colored diamond will result when other chemicals are also present. Changes in a diamond’s structure or nearby radiation can also add color to a diamond. Yellow diamonds are formed when nitrogen mixes with carbon. The intensity of the yellow color is determined by the amount of nitrogen in the chemical makeup of the diamond. The more nitrogen, the more vivid the yellow color.

How are yellow diamonds graded?

Most diamonds are graded on a D-to-Z color-grading system. Diamonds graded as a D are considered completely colorless and diamonds graded as Z are light in color but are still graded on the colorless scale. Yellow diamonds are classified to be colored diamonds and receive a “Fancy”  color grade when they fall outside the D-to-Z range (colorless to light-yellow). The GIA Colored Diamond Grading System assigns yellow diamonds one of six color grades: Fancy Light, Fancy, Fancy Dark, Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, and Fancy Vivid.


Is cut important for a yellow diamond?

The cut of a yellow diamond can vastly change the appearance of the color and even alter the color grade. A diamond cutter will carefully consider the color when choosing a cut for a specific diamond and cut it in such a way as to display the most vivid color possible. The setting of a yellow diamond can also help to display the yellow color in the best way possible. A yellow gold mounting will make the diamond appear darker in color while a white gold mounting can make the color appear lighter.


Can diamonds be enhanced to be yellow?

Diamonds can be treated to enhance or change their color to yellow using HPHT (High Pressure, High Temperature) or coating. HPHT is the process of heating a diamond under high pressure and is considered a stable and permanent treatment under regular jewelry conditions. Sometimes a thin film coating is applied to diamonds to change their color. Coating is not considered a stable or permanent treatment and diamonds with a coating must be handled with care as the coating can easily be scratched off. It is wise to ask about treatments when shopping for a yellow diamond.


Inheriting A Family Diamond or Engagement Ring

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Inheriting a family diamond or engagement ring can be a huge blessing or a bit of a sticky situation. Most brides have imagined the perfect ring for years and while a family diamond could be an incredible gift, the inherited ring may not quite fit into that dream. We are pleased to offer several good options in this situation; resetting the diamond, recutting the diamond, or trading in the inherited diamond towards the diamond of your dreams! State St. Jewelers is here to help you navigate this challenge and come out with a ring you’ll love.


If the inherited diamond is ultimately what you want to use in your engagement ring, our GIA-trained professionals will evaluate the stone for any durability issues as well as appraise the diamond for you. Then comes the fun part — dreaming up the perfect ring design. We’ll discuss your significant other’s likes and dislikes, lifestyle requirements, and your budget as we look at options for setting your family diamond in a new ring that will delight your soon-to-be fiance and can be passed along to the next generation.


Recutting the stone to improve brilliance or long term durability is a possibility that many people do not consider. Diamonds are usually cut properly the first time based on what the rough stone looked like but occasionally improving the stone is possible. We work with some of the most talented diamond cutters in the industry and would be happy to provide an analysis of your diamond and accurate depiction of what the finished product would be. 


If the inherited diamond isn’t what you have in mind, you may trade it in at State St. Jewelers for credit toward a larger or better quality stone. We are strong buyers of diamonds in the Triad and are consistently the highest offer that our clients receive. Whether you decide to trade the diamond in, redesign a ring, or look into recutting your inherited stone, we would love to help you write this important part of your love story.


Not Your Cookie Cutter Jewelry Store

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There’s nothing cookie-cutter about us at State St. Jewelers. Voted “Guilford County’s Best Jewelry Store” two years-in- a-row, we are a family-owned business that strives to be innovative, fun and original. 

The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Cookie

To kick off the Christmas season and showcase our custom jewelry capabilities, we partnered with the best bakery in Greensboro, Maxie B’s, to create ‘The World’s Most Expensive Christmas Cookies’ decorated with precious gemstones and diamonds, including a nine inch Christmas cookie tree priced at $100,000.00. The recipients of any of these decadent cookies, available in a variety of prices, will work with our designers to create the jewelry pieces of their dreams utilizing the gems on the cookies!

Our theme this season is, ‘We’re not a cookie-cutter jewelry store,’ We offer jewelry that’s as unique and special as our customers, in a wide range of prices, and we really love doing custom jewelry for our clients.

To bring these cookies to life, we turned to Greensboro’s perennial favorite bakery, Maxie B’s. The designers at Maxie B’s teamed up with us to create a set of Christmas cookies that are being unveiled in the store on Small Business Saturday, November 25th.

“We get approached all the time with crazy requests, but this opportunity to partner with State St. Jewelers was so exciting and fun,” said Robin Davis, owner of Maxie B’s. “We also love that ten percent of these Christmas cookies’ proceeds will benefit Greensboro Urban Ministries. That makes this even more special.”



Led by Maxie B’s chief cookie designer, Ryan Weber, various designs were explored over several weeks, in addition to dough types and colors. The final cookie collection features two ornament shaped cookies with a melange of colored gems, a Christmas wreath cookie that showcases stunning cultured pearls, a snowflake cookie with vivid diamonds and fine sapphires, and the three dimensional, $100,000.00 Christmas tree cookie, with spectacular diamonds, pearls, sapphires, and an incredible, rare seven carat emerald cut sapphire that shines atop the tree.


Left to right: Ryan Weber (cookie designer), Robin Davis (Maxie B’s Owner) and Michael Wilson (State St. Jewelers Co-Owner)

All of the cookies will be on display from November 25th to December 24th. Everyone is invited to stop by the store on State Street in Greensboro to see the gem-decorated cookies and also enjoy a free Christmas cookie to eat from Maxie B’s!

Diamond Shapes

Choosing a Diamond Shape

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What shape should I choose for the diamond in my engagement ring?

The shape of your diamond is one of the first decisions you’ll need to make when shopping for an engagement ring. However, it is important to remember that shape and cut are two different things to consider. The shape refers to the general shape of the stone while each individual shape could be cut in different ways that affect the appearance and fire of the diamond. For instance, if you choose to go with a classic round diamond, you will need to choose between a Brilliant Cut, Rose Cut, Mine Cut, or Old European Cut — just to name a few!
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Citrine and Topaz

November Birthstone – Citrine and Topaz

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November babies can choose between two beautiful and affordable gemstones when shopping for birthstone jewelry. Whether you are drawn to warm or cool tones, Citrine and Topaz offer a wide range of color choices for the November birthday girl.
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Loose Gemstones

Pantone’s Fall 2017 Color Report

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Each year Pantone’s spring and fall fashion reports evaluate the trends coming out of New York Fashion Week and provide a color guide to help us update our wardrobes with the latest shades. We’re loving the hues on the runway this year but we prefer to see these trends through gemstones instead of swatches. So here’s a quick guide to the colors you should be hunting down for your closet and jewelry box this season.

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