Jewelry Care

Fine jewelry has the potential to become a treasured family heirloom but without proper care and maintenance, your jewelry can fall into disrepair. A few simple storage and maintenance tasks can keep your jewelry beautiful for generations to come.


How should I clean and care for my jewelry?

A routine inspection by a jewelry expert can detect a worn setting or a faulty clasp before you lose an expensive stone or piece of jewelry. We recommend that rarely worn pieces be inspected annually and pieces that are worn every day receive a quarterly check. At State St. Jewelers we are pleased to offer complimentary cleaning and inspection of your jewelry while you wait. Our knowledgeable staff can also tell you how to best clean your jewelry at home between professional cleanings.

How should I wear my jewelry?

Fine jewelry is meant to be worn and seen but it is important to avoid exposing your jewelry to harsh chemicals. When dressing and preparing for the day, we recommend putting your jewelry on after you have completed your hair and make-up routine. This will limit the amount of hairspray and lotions that come in contact with your jewelry and keep your pieces shining. We also recommend that you remove rings and bracelets or wear gloves when using household cleaners or gardening.


How should I store my jewelry?

It is important to store your jewelry properly to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. We recommend storing jewelry in a dedicated jewelry box with a soft lining, taking care that the pieces do not rub against each other during storage. Silver pieces should be stored with anti-tarnish strips to slow tarnish and discoloring. Running a fine chain through a straw and then fastening the clasp can save you from a tangled mess in the future. At State St. Jewelers, our beautiful selection of Wolf jewelry boxes and travel cases are also a wonderful solution for jewelry storage.

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