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Engagement Ring Trends 2022

Engagement Ring Trends 2022

What are the current engagement ring trends and should you even consider them when making such a large and lasting purchase? Jewelry trends have driven the design of engagement rings throughout the centuries and while you may be hesitant to choose something that could be out of style in ten years, our team of sales associates, designers, and jewelers can help you incorporate today's trends into a timeless design she'll love to wear for years to come! With that in mind, let's take a look at the engagement ring trends popping up on Pinterest boards in 2022. 


moi et toi ring

Toi et Moi

The French Toi et Moi, meaning "you and me" is a ring featuring two stones symbolizing the coming together of two people. This style has been popular with several celebrities over the past two years. Megan Fox wears an engagement ring featuring an emerald and diamond while Ariana Grande's ring showcases a large oval diamond and pearl. Those wishing to keep the style a bit more traditional and wearable may choose to use two diamonds for their design. 


contoured stackable rings

Stacks and Contours

This creative stacking style allows a bride to mix, match, and add to her unique look. We carry a variety of stackable rings and contoured bands in our cases but our custom design team often assists couples as they create a one-of-a-kind look. A classic solitaire in the middle provides a timeless ring stack element that can be enjoyed for years to come. 


Oval Diamonds

oval diamond engagement ring

Oval is the diamond shape of the year with brides choosing simple solitaires or rings with french-set diamonds on the shank. The oval shape can provide a slightly larger look than a round even when they are technically the same carat weight. A well-cut oval will still flash a lot of sparkle and is sure to remain a classic staple for engagement rings. 



                                       Big Bling

engagement ring

Bigger is better in the 2022 engagement ring fashion world. Couples are choosing larger solitaires or creating custom designs that give a smaller stone a bigger look. But can we even call this a trend? We don't think a large diamond will ever go out of style! We stock a wide selection of diamonds like this 4.97ct round brilliant SI1 I color stone and are happy to source the perfect diamond for you! 


Surprise Diamond Details

Hidden Halo

Hidden halos and peek-a-boo diamond accents are our final 2022 engagement ring trend. These surprise diamond details set a simple solitaire apart from your mother's solitaire and add an extra layer of sparkle and style that's just between the two of you.