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Create a custom piece of jewelry

Would you like to create a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring for your significant other? Perhaps you have a great sentimental attachment to your grandmother’s diamond ring but you know the style doesn’t suit your lifestyle. Are you planning to upgrade your current engagement ring but you would like to include your original diamond or precious metal? If you've never created a piece of custom jewelry before, you may wonder about the design process and when payment will be required. While each custom design is unique, most designs will follow our five step custom process outlined below. 

We invite you to visit our Custom Gallery to view some of the pieces we have helped our customers create in the past.

Step 1: Design Meeting 

At this meeting you’ll chat with the jewelry consultant you’ll be working with throughout the custom process. If you wish to incorporate heirloom stones or jewelry pieces in your design, please bring them to this meeting. You are also encouraged to bring any inspiration photos you may have collected or send them to your designer via text or email before your visit. Still looking for inspiration? We invite you to visit our Custom Gallery to view some of the pieces we have created in the past. If you are creating this piece for someone else, we’ll talk about the recipient and what makes them unique. By the end of this meeting, we’ll have some firm ideas for the design of your piece and the budget you’d like to work within. At this point we ask that you pay a $250 design fee that will go toward the final cost of your custom design. If we need to bring in diamonds or gemstones for this piece, we’ll order the stones and set up a second appointment for you to make your selection. 

Step 2: Jeweler Consultation

After your deposit has been made and the stones are chosen, your consultant will meet with our master jeweler about the best way to create your custom jewelry piece within your budget. Our jeweler will approach the design with an eye for both beauty and durability. He may make suggestions for modifications based on his extensive knowledge about structural integrity, gemstones, and precious metals. At this point he will also decide what type of visual we will provide for approval. This could be a computer aided design (CAD), a sketch, a hand carved wax, or a 3D print out. Your consultant will then contact you with this information and the quote for your piece. 

Step 3: Visual and Design Approval 

Our jeweler will prepare your visual for design approval at this time and your consultant will provide this to you via text or email. If you are provided with a CAD, you may be a bit thrown off by the 3D image of the design. The CAD will appear larger and more mechanical in nature than the finished piece of jewelry. We encourage you to look over the CAD images and discuss any questions or concerns you may have with your consultant. She will relay these concerns and changes to our jeweler who can adjust the CAD if needed. If you are pleased with the design, we’ll ask that you sign off on your visual and we’ll begin production. Your consultant should be able to give you an estimated date of delivery at this time and we will ask that you put down a 50% deposit to begin production of your piece.

Step 4: Production

Your jewelry piece will be cast or assembled in the precious metal of your choice and any necessary detail work done by hand. Stones will be set and your piece will be carefully inspected for quality before delivery.

Step 5: Delivery

Your consultant will contact you to set up a delivery appointment as soon as your piece is completed. At this appointment you will receive your beautiful custom piece of jewelry, a complimentary appraisal for insurance purposes, and information about care and cleaning. The remainder of your balance will be due at this time.