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Resetting an Inherited Family Diamond




Resetting an Inherited Family Diamond





Inheriting a family diamond or engagement ring when you are ready to propose can be a huge blessing or a bit of a sticky situation. Most brides have imagined the perfect ring for years and while a family diamond could be an incredible gift, the inherited ring may not quite fit into that dream. You have several good options in this situation; resetting the diamond, recutting the diamond, or trading in the inherited diamond toward the diamond of your dreams! State St. Jewelers is here to help you navigate this situation and come out with a ring you’ll love. 

If the inherited family diamond is ultimately what you want to use in your engagement ring, our GIA-trained professionals will evaluate the stone for any durability issues as well as appraise the diamond for you. Then comes the fun part — dreaming up the perfect ring design. We’ll discuss your significant other’s likes and dislikes, lifestyle requirements, and your budget as we look at options for setting your family diamond in a new ring that will delight your soon-to-be fiancée and can be passed along to the next generation. 

Resetting an inherited family diaomond

Recutting a Diamond

Recutting the stone to improve brilliance or long term durability is a possibility that many people do not consider. If this is desired, we will work with some of the most talented diamond cutters in the industry to let you know what the finished product would be. Diamonds are usually cut properly the first time based on what the rough stone looked like but occasionally improving the stone is possible. 

Recutting a Diamond

Trade Your Family Diamond 

If the inherited diamond isn’t what you have in mind, you may trade it in at State St. Jewelers for credit toward a larger or better quality stone. We are strong buyers of diamonds in the Triad and are consistently the highest offer that our clients receive. Whether you decide to trade the diamond in, redesign a ring, or look into recutting your inherited stone, we would love to help you write this important part of your love story.