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Jewelry Restoration

Bring new life to old pieces

Do you have a piece of antique or vintage jewelry that you rarely wear because you are concerned about its condition or the style doesn’t fit your taste? At State St. Jewelers we are proud to be a leader in jewelry restoration in the Triad. Our state of the art equipment allows us to restore or repurpose your vintage jewelry into pieces you will love and feel confident wearing.

Your treasured family heirlooms have a story and they shouldn’t be sitting unworn for years. If you are concerned about the security of stones or clasps, we can re-tip prongs or repair fastenings. If the style simply doesn’t fit your taste of lifestyle, we can help you repurpose your antique jewelry into a piece you will enjoy wearing. Maybe you would feel more comfortable wearing your grandmother’s diamond if it were in a more modern setting. Or perhaps the Victorian brooch in your jewelry box would get more use if it were made into a pendant. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you explore the possibilities for restoration and repurposing your jewelry today.