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Do I need an appraisal, a trade-in quote, or a buy quote?

Do I need an appraisal, a trade-in quote, or a buy quote?

Whether you’ve just inherited a piece of jewelry or plan to insure a new engagement ring, there is much confusion surrounding the term “appraisal” in regards to jewelry and valuation services. At State St. Jewelers, our services fall into three main categories: insurance appraisals, cash buy quotes, and trade-in quotes. Take a closer look below to see which service fits your needs. 

Insurance Appraisals

Your jewelry holds both monetary and sentimental value, so you’ll likely wish to insure it through your homeowner’s insurance or a separate jewelry policy. In order to do this, you’ll need an up-to-date appraisal. State St. Jewelers can provide an appraisal prepared by a GIA trained gemologist that includes photos and detailed information about your piece including precious metal composition and gemstone or diamond grades, cuts, and clarity. This appraisal will also include an estimate of the cost to replace the piece with a new piece of the same quality if your jewelry is lost or stolen. Appraisal prices will vary based on the intricacies of the piece and the service generally takes about seven days to complete. Appraisals while you wait are available by appointment and include an expedite fee. 

Cash Buy Quote

If you are interested in selling a piece of fine jewelry, our experts can offer you a cash quote for your piece. A cash quote will be lower than an insurance appraisal butafter cultivating relationships in the international jewelry industry for over fifteen years, our connections allow us to offer you the best cash price in the Triad for your treasures. When you bring your pieces to State St. Jewelers, they will be evaluated by a GIA trained gemologist and you can rest assured that our knowledge and industry connections will help secure the best offer possible. This is a free, no obligation service. 

Trade-In Quote

If your jewelry piece no longer fits your style and you’d like to replace it with a piece you’ll wear more often, we are happy to provide a free trade-in quote for your precious metals, diamonds, and gemstones. Our staff is well equipped to provide a fair trade-in value toward your next piece of jewelry from State St. Jewelers. Whether you’re purchasing from our cases or creating a unique custom jewelry piece, we can help you turn your old jewelry into something you love.