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Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing

Let’s talk about ring sizing. It’s extremely frustrating to own a gorgeous ring that you can’t wear because it doesn’t fit! You have ring sizing questions and we have answers! 

How do I find out my ring size?

Ring Sizing

The best way to find your ring size is to have your finger sized by a jewelry professional. Your fingers may change drastically in size throughout the years but they can even change a bit throughout a 24 hour period. As the temperature rises and falls and your diet fluctuates,  your fingers will swell and shrink as well. A jewelry professional will be able to talk through those changes with you while sizing your finger to choose the best and most comfortable size for you. 

Should all of my rings be sized to the same size?

Just as you might wear a different pant or dress size based on the style, your ring size may change based on the width of the band. Two rings of the same size but different widths can fit the same finger very differently. A wider ring will usually need to be larger in size for a comfortable fit while a narrow ring can be a smaller size. Our trained associates will use a ring sizer that is similar in width to the ring you’d like to wear to find the perfect size for that particular ring. If you plan to stack several narrow rings, you may need to size up a bit as the stack will fit your finger like a wider ring. 

Can my ring be sized?

While you may think to ask where to have your ring sized, you may not think to ask if your ring can be sized. Unfortunately, not all rings can be sized. Eternity bands cannot be sized up or down due to the stones set all the way around the band. Other types of ring settings may make sizing impossible as well. Sizing a ring with bezel settings or tension set stones could cause the stones to break or fall out. While jewelers regularly size rings made of gold and platinum, some jewelers may be hesitant or unable to size rings made of other metals. Engraving or millwork around the outside of the band may be interrupted by sizing as well. In some cases, this pattern can be duplicated seamlessly while in other cases it cannot. This is why we always suggest bringing a ring into the store for evaluation if you believe it needs to be sized. 


What can I do if my ring can’t be sized?

We truly believe that our jewelers are the best in town and they are routinely able to size rings that others won’t touch. However, there are some rings that simply can’t be made the required size and in these cases we suggest taking advantage of our incredible trade-in offers or using your gemstones to create a new piece. We can often rebuild your exact ring in a larger size or create a new custom piece that fits both your finger and your style. We like to say that when one door closes, a sparkly custom window opens.